Muse: What’s up with the Maple Leafs?

Watched the Maple Leafs take apart Buffalo last night and I have to say, I’m a bit confused. The Leafs lead the NHL in hits and fights … and they have a respectable winning record well above .500 … and James van Riemsdyk is tied for 2nd in league scoring. Impressive. A Leaf fan could get used to this – if he didn’t know better. Curious to see what happens next. Welcome back, Randy Carlyle!

Music to suit: The Cars, ‘Good Times Roll’
(Source: YouTube, yuffenough)


Muse: Family Day Long Weekend

Family Day … good to know that once every 5 years, the government does something we can all agree on … well … Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. anyways …

Music to suit: Max Webster, ‘A Million Vacations’
(Source: YouTube, mustardeth)

Muse: All Work. Now Play.

Nothing like working from home – especially when you have to put in a really, really late night. Like 3:30am Wednesday night. A new personal best worst. Didn’t impress my wife much but the cats were ecstatic. All work. Now play.

Music to suit: US3 ‘Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)’
Source: YouTube, Bangkokvolker

Muse: Football. Great Game. Odd Name.

Football. Not the world’s most intuitively named game … according to soccer fans, anyways. Just goes to show you. If you say it first and you say it often, eventually it becomes yours. Like the Super Bowl, for example … nothing whatsoever to do with bowling …

Music to suit: Kool and the Gang, ‘Jungle Boogie’
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