Muse: Can’t See the Bee Fly for the Bees

Bee Fly on Coreopsis 'Jethro Tull'

Saw this odd-looking character in my garden last year and again this past week: looks soft and fuzzy like a brown bear, flies like a hummingbird and feeds like a mosquito. Apparently, he’s a Bee Fly and he likes my Coreopsis. Bet he’s been there the whole time; I just never noticed him before. It’s a small world – until you open your eyes.

Music to suit: Deodato, September 13
(Source: YouTube, tuberider1976)


3 thoughts on “Muse: Can’t See the Bee Fly for the Bees

    • Hi Karen,

      Glad you liked the Bee Fly shot. Since I was shooting with a pretty basic point-and-click, I’m pretty happy to have got at least one good shot – I had to stick the camera about 6 inches from the fly.

      Love the Snowberry Clearwing shots on your blog. Would they be wandering through my backyard as well, here in Toronto? If so, I’ll pay a little more attention. I’ve never noticed them before.


      • I’m not sure how far North they go into Canada…Wikipedia says they go up into Maine, down to Florida, across to California and up into BC so it’s possible they might journey your way! They are pretty cool creatures… 🙂

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