Muse: Toronto Ranked 4th Best City to Live in

Congrats Toronto! Ranked 4th best city in the world to live in. Have to remember that the next time I feel inclined to complain about the city garbage collectors going on strike … or getting stuck downtown in a blackout … or having to go for an MRI at 2 a.m. in the morning … probably shouldn’t whine about the small stuff when the big picture looks this good.

Music to suit: Average White Band, Cut the Cake
(Source: YouTube, Sun. Hutchney)

Muse: Internet Security Virus Scam: All Work, No Play

Internet Security Virus Scam Pop-up Boxes

I’m continually amazed how much effort and planning cyber crooks put in these days to separate us from our money. Case in point. Last month, I clicked on a website and picked up the Internet Security virus. Instantly, my computer screen was filled with alarming pop-up boxes warning me of a Firewall breach and of hidden file transfers – all designed to distract me long enough for the hackers to take whatever personal information they could get. Then, the next day, they called me to warn me that malicious files had been downloaded on to my computer, which could be removed in 2 minutes if I just turned on my computer and followed their instructions. Presumably, had I done so, this is the point where they would have asked for my credit card in exchange for their proprietary anti-virus software … Wow! Got to believe these guys would have a much brighter future if they just committed to a regular full-time job, like the rest of us. Certainly can’t be any less work.

Music to suit: The Grateful Dead, He’s Gone
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Muse: Beamish Cup Annual Golf Outing

The Beamish Cup

Playing golf with my high school buds this weekend at our annual Beamish Cup golf outing. Best collection of shots on a single hole wins a pint of Guinness from the cup, plus cup display and bragging rights for the following year. Old school entertainment for old school friends.

Music to suit: Sugarman 3 & Co, Down to It
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Muse: A Glimpse into the Future Greatness of Gretzky

All the talk today about the 25th anniversary of the Gretzky trade to L.A. reminds me of the first time I saw him play hockey in the early 70’s. He was just a kid then, playing in the finals of the Burlington Golden Horseshoe Tournament. He scored 8 or 9 goals, had a handful of assists and completely dominated the game until another kid took him out with a hip check. They said he’d be the next Bobby Orr and they were right! Nice to see that occasionally, the truth does live up to all the hype.

Music to suit: Jeff Beck, Stratus (Crossroads Festival, 2007)
(Source: YouTube, Jeff Beck Eric Clapton)

Muse: A week away from The Big City … light pollution

Spent a couple days at a rental cottage in Grand Bend this week. Reminded me how much I miss the family cottage and the simple things, like watching the stars at night. It’s a shame that big cities like Toronto create so much light pollution that you can only see a handful of the brightest stars any more. We should never forget our place in the universe but it’s pretty easy when you can’t see it any longer.

Music to suit: King Crimson, Starless
Source: YouTube, Goskel Elbuken