Muse: Internet Security Virus Scam: All Work, No Play

Internet Security Virus Scam Pop-up Boxes

I’m continually amazed how much effort and planning cyber crooks put in these days to separate us from our money. Case in point. Last month, I clicked on a website and picked up the Internet Security virus. Instantly, my computer screen was filled with alarming pop-up boxes warning me of a Firewall breach and of hidden file transfers – all designed to distract me long enough for the hackers to take whatever personal information they could get. Then, the next day, they called me to warn me that malicious files had been downloaded on to my computer, which could be removed in 2 minutes if I just turned on my computer and followed their instructions. Presumably, had I done so, this is the point where they would have asked for my credit card in exchange for their proprietary anti-virus software … Wow! Got to believe these guys would have a much brighter future if they just committed to a regular full-time job, like the rest of us. Certainly can’t be any less work.

Music to suit: The Grateful Dead, He’s Gone
(Source:YouTube, TheOtherrOne)


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