Muse: Hockey’s Tough on Older Teams

Sad to see a couple more guys from my hockey team hang up the skates for good this year. Seems like we lose a player or two every season these days – actually had to merge two teams together just to play this Fall. While retirement from work may be regarded as the start of an exciting new chapter, retirement from hockey is one chapter I’m not in any rush to finish. Live large while you can, I figure.

Music to suit: April Wine, I Like To Rock
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Muse: Grand Theft Auto 5 Game Launch

Can’t wait to take the new Grand Theft Auto 5 game for a spin this weekend. Even though it was 5 years in the making, I’m still surprised that Future Shop opened at midnight Tuesday morning just to release it. Probably just their way of ensuring they got an unfair share of the launch distribution quantities to sell. Who says crime doesn’t pay.

Music to suit: James Brown, Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
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Muse: Reconnecting with Roommates on the Playstation Network

Hanging out with two of my old University housemates tonight on the Playstation Network. Our first time together playing a co-operative game (Uncharted 2) with mics and headsets on. Should be a great way to catch up: all the same old trash talk and carrying on but without the mess to clean up tomorrow morning.

Music to suit: Talking Heads, Burning Down The House
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Muse: 50th Wedding Anniversary

Pete & Clairette's WeddingCelebrating the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my wife’s parents this weekend. Funny how older married couples can transition from discussion to heated argument to distant memory at the speed of a sun shower. Guess there’s no need to mince words after 50 years together. Such are the mysteries of love over a lifetime.

Music to suit: Johnny Cash & June Carter, If I were a Carpenter
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