Muse: High-Energy Halloween Decorating

Always interesting to see Halloween decorating taken to extremes, like this house in Virginia that synchronized 8,500 LED lights with different music you can tune in to on your car radio. Epic. Curious to see what they do for Christmas … if they have any energy left.

Music: deadmau5, Ghosts N Stuff
(Source: YouTube, EdwardsLandingLights)


Muse: Government Consensus in the Digital Age

Glad to hear the U.S. government finally voted in favour of raising the debt ceiling this week – after a 2-week government shutdown just to reach ‘consensus’. Wow. Talk about a broken system. They’d probably be further ahead using public crowdsourcing and SurveyMonkey next time around … which would be … January! Nice.

Music to suit: Bela Fleck, Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
(Source: YouTube, Musico Ecletico)

Muse: Thanksgiving Spirit

Can’t decide which image is more disturbing: the cute little rabbit I walked past this afternoon that had just been run over or the cute little cat eating it on my return. The harsh reality of Thanksgiving in the city, I suppose. Good for some … not so good for others …

Music to suit: Ray Charles, Them That Got
(Source: YouTube, Stephen Robbins)

Muse: From Old-School Fish Tank to New-School Koi Pond

Koi in Backyard Pond

Shut down the old fish tank this week, which was probably a good idea, since it was 20 years old and starting to leak at the seams. Hard to imagine that’s the second tank I’ve retired. Guess that just means it’s time to focus on bigger and better things – like the Koi pond in the backyard and sharing it with all the thirsty critters in the neighbourhood. Fully interactive and social. Feels just about right for today.

Music to suit: Ernest Ranglin, Love and Happiness
(Source: YouTube, gurufuttlappele)