“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”
~Lewis Carroll

I grew up in an advertising household. My dad graduated from the Western Business School, then joined Russell T. Kelley Advertising, where he spent his whole career as an account service guy (or ‘suit’, in the parlance of the day). I remember him asking me one day what I thought of his new radio ad. When I told him I didn’t think much of it at all, he paused, then said, “well, you’re not in the target group anyways”. And so, started my early fascination with advertising … and marketing … and branding … design … psychology … research

A marketer and advertiser at heart

Like my father, I’ve spent my entire career in the marketing and advertising arena. But unlike him, I have an even mix of agency and client-side experience, having worked for international advertising agencies like Leo Burnett and McCann-Erickson, and client side for familiar brands like Canadian Tire and Rogers Communications.

Marketing at work and play

I read a book recently that really struck a chord with me (The Vigorous Mind, Ingrid E. Cummings, 2009). In a world of increasing specialization, where people know more and more about less and less, the author argues for a return to a more holistic, generalist, Renaissance view of learning and living: to know something of many things. As a creative marketer and generalist, I like the idea of living in a world of both hard facts and abstract ideas. And I like the idea of leveraging the disciplines of marketing at work and at play. Whether you’re launching a new brand, redesigning your backyard or creating an Emcee wedding speech for people you hardly know, there’s much to be gained from applying marketing principles inside and outside the office.

Contact Info

Feel free to contact me at:

email:g.kavander@hotmail.com                                                                                                twitter:@gregkavander                                                                                                Linkedin: Greg Kavander


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