Muse: Putting the Koi to Bed for Winter

Putting the Koi to Bed for Winter

Flurries and freezing temperatures … what a difference a week makes. That’s my cue to cover the pond with plastic and put the Koi to bed for another Winter. Not so bad for them. Just one more sleep till Spring.

Music to suit: The Specials, Enjoy Yourself
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Muse: Apparently, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is all he’s cracked up to be

Nothing boring about Canadian politicians these days. Just pick your favourite scandal: 3 Senators caught padding their expenses, a Prime Minister trying to cover it up, the Mayor of Laval charged with taking construction contract kickbacks or Toronto Mayor Rob Ford finally admitting to smoking crack cocaine. All great storylines for a movie or a video game but a little unsettling to watch them play out together in real time.

Music to suit: The Small Faces, Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake, GTA 5 Trailer
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Muse: Revisiting Allegany State Park Childhood Memories Through YouTube

It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube these days. Like a girl and her sister ‘documenting’ their family vacation in Allegany State Park, New York. The exact same trip we used to make every Thanksgiving when I was their age. We stayed in the same old cabins, slept in the same old beds, heard the same mice scurrying about at night and were just as excited to explore the surrounding creeks and woods all day long. If we had a video recorder back then, I’m sure me and my brother would have made the same kind of video. Too cool.

Music to suit: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Deja Vu
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Muse: High-Energy Halloween Decorating

Always interesting to see Halloween decorating taken to extremes, like this house in Virginia that synchronized 8,500 LED lights with different music you can tune in to on your car radio. Epic. Curious to see what they do for Christmas … if they have any energy left.

Music: deadmau5, Ghosts N Stuff
(Source: YouTube, EdwardsLandingLights)

Muse: Government Consensus in the Digital Age

Glad to hear the U.S. government finally voted in favour of raising the debt ceiling this week – after a 2-week government shutdown just to reach ‘consensus’. Wow. Talk about a broken system. They’d probably be further ahead using public crowdsourcing and SurveyMonkey next time around … which would be … January! Nice.

Music to suit: Bela Fleck, Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
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Muse: Thanksgiving Spirit

Can’t decide which image is more disturbing: the cute little rabbit I walked past this afternoon that had just been run over or the cute little cat eating it on my return. The harsh reality of Thanksgiving in the city, I suppose. Good for some … not so good for others …

Music to suit: Ray Charles, Them That Got
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Muse: From Old-School Fish Tank to New-School Koi Pond

Koi in Backyard Pond

Shut down the old fish tank this week, which was probably a good idea, since it was 20 years old and starting to leak at the seams. Hard to imagine that’s the second tank I’ve retired. Guess that just means it’s time to focus on bigger and better things – like the Koi pond in the backyard and sharing it with all the thirsty critters in the neighbourhood. Fully interactive and social. Feels just about right for today.

Music to suit: Ernest Ranglin, Love and Happiness
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Muse: Hockey’s Tough on Older Teams

Sad to see a couple more guys from my hockey team hang up the skates for good this year. Seems like we lose a player or two every season these days – actually had to merge two teams together just to play this Fall. While retirement from work may be regarded as the start of an exciting new chapter, retirement from hockey is one chapter I’m not in any rush to finish. Live large while you can, I figure.

Music to suit: April Wine, I Like To Rock
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Muse: Grand Theft Auto 5 Game Launch

Can’t wait to take the new Grand Theft Auto 5 game for a spin this weekend. Even though it was 5 years in the making, I’m still surprised that Future Shop opened at midnight Tuesday morning just to release it. Probably just their way of ensuring they got an unfair share of the launch distribution quantities to sell. Who says crime doesn’t pay.

Music to suit: James Brown, Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
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Muse: Reconnecting with Roommates on the Playstation Network

Hanging out with two of my old University housemates tonight on the Playstation Network. Our first time together playing a co-operative game (Uncharted 2) with mics and headsets on. Should be a great way to catch up: all the same old trash talk and carrying on but without the mess to clean up tomorrow morning.

Music to suit: Talking Heads, Burning Down The House
(Source: YouTube, BVMTValternative)

Muse: 50th Wedding Anniversary

Pete & Clairette's WeddingCelebrating the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my wife’s parents this weekend. Funny how older married couples can transition from discussion to heated argument to distant memory at the speed of a sun shower. Guess there’s no need to mince words after 50 years together. Such are the mysteries of love over a lifetime.

Music to suit: Johnny Cash & June Carter, If I were a Carpenter
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Muse: Toronto Ranked 4th Best City to Live in

Congrats Toronto! Ranked 4th best city in the world to live in. Have to remember that the next time I feel inclined to complain about the city garbage collectors going on strike … or getting stuck downtown in a blackout … or having to go for an MRI at 2 a.m. in the morning … probably shouldn’t whine about the small stuff when the big picture looks this good.

Music to suit: Average White Band, Cut the Cake
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