Muse: The Fall & Rise of Tiger Woods

How far was Tiger Woods’ fall from grace? By the numbers, about 60 spots in the World Golf Rankings over the past two and a half years. But, with his win at Bay Hill last weekend, he’s now won 6 of the last 20 PGA tournaments he’s entered and has taken back his #1 world golf ranking. And, he’s only 6 wins shy of breaking Sam Snead’s all-time PGA tour wins record of 82. Love Tiger or hate him, it’ll be good to have the Master back at Augusta in two weeks.

Music to suit: AC/DC Back in Black
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Muse: Global Warming, Australia style

Feeling sorry for the folks in Australia: you know Global Warming is going to be a problem when … the Australian Weather Bureau has to add 2 new colours to their thermal maps to represent daily temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius. First, epic floods. Now, epic fires. Throw in a plague of locusts and that Global Warning is downright biblical.

Music to suit: AC/DC ‘Highway to Hell’
(Source: YouTube, facundo Prado)