Muse: Government Consensus in the Digital Age

Glad to hear the U.S. government finally voted in favour of raising the debt ceiling this week – after a 2-week government shutdown just to reach ‘consensus’. Wow. Talk about a broken system. They’d probably be further ahead using public crowdsourcing and SurveyMonkey next time around … which would be … January! Nice.

Music to suit: Bela Fleck, Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
(Source: YouTube, Musico Ecletico)


Muse: Digital Marketing Course Grade

Finished my U of T Digital Marketing course this week. What a great course. Makes me wonder though … do they actually grade my final exam paper … or just scan it for keywords and use a complicated algorithm to predict my likely score … the future is definitely funky!

Music to suit: Grover Washington Jr, ‘Masterpiece’
(Source: YouTube, sargentstedanko668)