Muse: Nothing says Spring like the Masters golf weekend

Ahh, the Masters golf weekend. Live from Augusta, Georgia. A blooming feast for your eyes and a sure sign that Spring has finally arrived. Great golf and great weather. Definitely one of my favourite mashups.

Music to suit: John Pizzarelli, I Feel Fine/Sidewinder mashup
(Source: YouTube, Cygnus90)


Muse: Beamish Cup Annual Golf Outing

The Beamish Cup

Playing golf with my high school buds this weekend at our annual Beamish Cup golf outing. Best collection of shots on a single hole wins a pint of Guinness from the cup, plus cup display and bragging rights for the following year. Old school entertainment for old school friends.

Music to suit: Sugarman 3 & Co, Down to It
(Source: YouTube, SleazyEmotions)

Muse: Naturally, Golf is Addictive

Squeezed in my first round of golf this week, with predictable results: some poor shots, some great shots and every other shot in between. Golf is such a well designed, optimistic game. Give anybody 100 swings from a variety of distances and they’re bound to hit just enough great shots to convince themselves they can eliminate all their poor shots the next time out. As far as addictions go, golf is a natural, breath of fresh air.

Music to suit: The Black Eyed Peas, Let’s Get it Started
(Source: YouTube, meberuby)

Muse: Masters Golf Deserves Major Couch Time

Looking forward to watching the drama unfold at the Masters this weekend and to seeing the Augusta National golf course in full bloom … a celebration of spring and great shot making on a grand stage and one of those weekends where my Personal Video Recorder gets a lot more exercise than I do.

Music to suit: Count Basie April in Paris
(Source: YouTube, JazzBreakTV)

Muse: The Fall & Rise of Tiger Woods

How far was Tiger Woods’ fall from grace? By the numbers, about 60 spots in the World Golf Rankings over the past two and a half years. But, with his win at Bay Hill last weekend, he’s now won 6 of the last 20 PGA tournaments he’s entered and has taken back his #1 world golf ranking. And, he’s only 6 wins shy of breaking Sam Snead’s all-time PGA tour wins record of 82. Love Tiger or hate him, it’ll be good to have the Master back at Augusta in two weeks.

Music to suit: AC/DC Back in Black
(Source: YouTube, acdcVEVO)