Muse: Nothing says Spring like the Masters golf weekend

Ahh, the Masters golf weekend. Live from Augusta, Georgia. A blooming feast for your eyes and a sure sign that Spring has finally arrived. Great golf and great weather. Definitely one of my favourite mashups.

Music to suit: John Pizzarelli, I Feel Fine/Sidewinder mashup
(Source: YouTube, Cygnus90)


Muse: Tough Love for Canadian Snowboarders

Got to love the Canadian snowboarders. Despite Mark McMorris fracturing his rib and Maelle Ricker fracturing her forearm, they both still plan to compete at the Olympics. Now that’s some true north grit!

Music to suit: Rheostatics Northern Wish
(Source: YouTube, pjzs)

Muse: Farewell to Nelson Mandela

He left the earth a better place than he found it.

~ Rest in Peace

Music to suit: Juluka & Johnny Clegg, Deliwe
(Source: YouTube, Cathy Monopoly)

Muse: 50th Wedding Anniversary

Pete & Clairette's WeddingCelebrating the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my wife’s parents this weekend. Funny how older married couples can transition from discussion to heated argument to distant memory at the speed of a sun shower. Guess there’s no need to mince words after 50 years together. Such are the mysteries of love over a lifetime.

Music to suit: Johnny Cash & June Carter, If I were a Carpenter
(Source: YouTube, Katzeleine)

Muse: A Glimpse into the Future Greatness of Gretzky

All the talk today about the 25th anniversary of the Gretzky trade to L.A. reminds me of the first time I saw him play hockey in the early 70’s. He was just a kid then, playing in the finals of the Burlington Golden Horseshoe Tournament. He scored 8 or 9 goals, had a handful of assists and completely dominated the game until another kid took him out with a hip check. They said he’d be the next Bobby Orr and they were right! Nice to see that occasionally, the truth does live up to all the hype.

Music to suit: Jeff Beck, Stratus (Crossroads Festival, 2007)
(Source: YouTube, Jeff Beck Eric Clapton)

Muse: Bee Balm. Hummingbird Tested and Approved.

Bee Balm (Monarda Didyma 'Jacob Cline')

I love having Bee Balm in the garden when it blooms in early July. Not because it’s the most attractive plant in the garden – actually it’s kind of tall and awkward looking. But no other perennial attracts Hummingbirds to my city garden quite as reliably. Red Bee Balm is like a backyard gateway drug for Hummingbirds. Add a Hummingbird feeder and a Butterfly Bush on the side and you’re set for Hummingbird acrobatics the rest of the summer. Sweet.

Photograph: Bee Balm (Monarda Didyma ‘Jacob Cline’)
Music to suit: EST, Tuesday Wonderland
(Source: YouTube: MasterKefkaZX)

Muse: Toronto Jazz Festival Highlights Big City Benefits

It’s easy to take a big city like Toronto for granted … until you wander off and experience all the diversity it has to offer … like 2 great bands playing Brazilian music last Saturday at the Toronto Jazz Festival in the Distillery District – one playing all the classics and the other (below) creating their own distinctive sound. Toronto rocks!

Music to suit: Aline Morales, Rosa
(Source: YouTube, MrDaveskos)

Muse: Saturday Afternoon Jazz Saunter

Kicking off the Canada Day long weekend this Saturday with no watch and no worries. Heading down to the Distillery District at some point Saturday to grab a bite and check out some of the Toronto Jazz Festival bands playing for free. Especially interested in hearing the Bossa Nova tribute band playing at Dominion on Queen – just the right speed for a lazy Saturday afternoon saunter.

Music to suit: Stan Getz, The Girl from Ipanema
(Source: YouTube, claudiofilippi1)

Muse: Black Sabbath Recaptures Original Sound and #1 Position in Charts

How important is brand voice and stewardship? Just ask Black Sabbath. When the original members got together to record their first new album in 35 years, they hired Rick Rubin to help them recapture their original dark, heavy, early 70’s sound, and did such a good job, they now have the #1 album in the U.K. – their first time since 1970. How Ozzy can sing so well when he can’t even talk is still a mystery to me. I guess that’s just one more piece of the Black Sabbath b(r)and puzzle.

Music to suit: Black Sabbath, God is Dead?
(Source: YouTube, Dylan Collins)

Muse: Somewhere under the Rainbow, in my Backyard

Surprised to stumble over a rainbow last night when I went out back to feed the Koi in the rain. I can’t remember ever seeing a rainbow in the comfort of my own backyard before. Felt like a personal, concentrated message of good fortune from Mother Nature … though a quick search of the perimeter revealed no gold whatsoever!

Music to suit: Billie Holiday Sun Showers
Source: YouTube, purple0accident

Muse: Black Creek Pioneer Village Wedding Revisited

Black Creek Pioneer Village, Mennonite Meeting House, Wedding Space

Lunch with my wife at Black Creek Pioneer Village today … $50
First time back, since we got married there 17 years ago … $7500
Still chewing the fat together after all these years … Priceless

Wedding Music: The Beatles, When I’m Sixty Four
Source: YouTube, AuthorizedRock

Muse: Roughing it out back … in my garden

Garden Pond, Waterfall, Patio, Pergola

Never feels quite like Summer until after the May 24th Long Weekend, when the garden is planted and the pond is up and running. Nothing like reconnecting with nature and getting lost in the sights and sounds of falling water. Not a substitute for a cottage, but certainly a lot easier to get to on Friday nights.

Music to suit: Stan Getz, Corcovado
(Source: YouTube, TheChroniquesdumonde)