Muse: High-Energy Halloween Decorating

Always interesting to see Halloween decorating taken to extremes, like this house in Virginia that synchronized 8,500 LED lights with different music you can tune in to on your car radio. Epic. Curious to see what they do for Christmas … if they have any energy left.

Music: deadmau5, Ghosts N Stuff
(Source: YouTube, EdwardsLandingLights)


Muse: Thanksgiving Spirit

Can’t decide which image is more disturbing: the cute little rabbit I walked past this afternoon that had just been run over or the cute little cat eating it on my return. The harsh reality of Thanksgiving in the city, I suppose. Good for some … not so good for others …

Music to suit: Ray Charles, Them That Got
(Source: YouTube, Stephen Robbins)

Muse: Toronto Ranked 4th Best City to Live in

Congrats Toronto! Ranked 4th best city in the world to live in. Have to remember that the next time I feel inclined to complain about the city garbage collectors going on strike … or getting stuck downtown in a blackout … or having to go for an MRI at 2 a.m. in the morning … probably shouldn’t whine about the small stuff when the big picture looks this good.

Music to suit: Average White Band, Cut the Cake
(Source: YouTube, Sun. Hutchney)

Muse: Toronto Jazz Festival Highlights Big City Benefits

It’s easy to take a big city like Toronto for granted … until you wander off and experience all the diversity it has to offer … like 2 great bands playing Brazilian music last Saturday at the Toronto Jazz Festival in the Distillery District – one playing all the classics and the other (below) creating their own distinctive sound. Toronto rocks!

Music to suit: Aline Morales, Rosa
(Source: YouTube, MrDaveskos)

Muse: Saturday Afternoon Jazz Saunter

Kicking off the Canada Day long weekend this Saturday with no watch and no worries. Heading down to the Distillery District at some point Saturday to grab a bite and check out some of the Toronto Jazz Festival bands playing for free. Especially interested in hearing the Bossa Nova tribute band playing at Dominion on Queen – just the right speed for a lazy Saturday afternoon saunter.

Music to suit: Stan Getz, The Girl from Ipanema
(Source: YouTube, claudiofilippi1)