Muse: The Hobbit Part 2 … Still Waiting for the Big Picture

Good to see The Hobbit Part 2 has finally arrived, though I still don’t believe this story required a Part 2 or a Part 3. At one-third the page count of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit seems more like an elegant Hollywood cash grab than a proper trilogy. That said, I think I’ll just wait until next December to watch all 3 Hobbit movies back-to-back: I don’t mind packing a lunch and spending the entire day in Middle-earth but I have no interest in going There and Back Again 3 different times.

Music to suit: Led Zeppelin, Ramble On
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Muse: Digital Marketing Course Grade

Finished my U of T Digital Marketing course this week. What a great course. Makes me wonder though … do they actually grade my final exam paper … or just scan it for keywords and use a complicated algorithm to predict my likely score … the future is definitely funky!

Music to suit: Grover Washington Jr, ‘Masterpiece’
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Muse: Black Friday Blog Blowout!

Officially launching my new blog, The Marketing Lens, today, on Black Friday – all about my marketing perspective on work and play. All posts are 100% completely free: today, tomorrow, forever! Come visit, stay a while, comment, like, follow, enjoy …

Music to suit: Charlie Earland, ‘Black Talk’
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