Muse: What’s up with the Maple Leafs?

Watched the Maple Leafs take apart Buffalo last night and I have to say, I’m a bit confused. The Leafs lead the NHL in hits and fights … and they have a respectable winning record well above .500 … and James van Riemsdyk is tied for 2nd in league scoring. Impressive. A Leaf fan could get used to this – if he didn’t know better. Curious to see what happens next. Welcome back, Randy Carlyle!

Music to suit: The Cars, ‘Good Times Roll’
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Muse: Leafs vs Habs NHL Season Opener

The NHL may have got a lot wrong this season but they got tomorrow’s Saturday Night season opener just right: Leafs vs Habs, a huge Original 6 team rivalry. Always a big deal at my house, since I’m a lifelong Leafs fan and my wife, Celine, is a devout Montreal Canadiens fan. And, as an added bonus this time around, Celine will finally have a chance to wear the 1959 Rocket Richard replica jersey I got her 4 months ago – since her maiden name is actually ‘Richard’, that birthday gift literally had her name written all over it.

Music to suit: Elton John, ‘Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting’
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Muse: NHL Monopoly game

Getting an early jump on Christmas shopping this weekend. Was considering the My NHL Monopoly game, where you buy, sell and trade NHL teams as you battle for league ownership … but unfortunately, it takes about 4 months to play.

Music to suit: Pink Floyd, ‘Money’
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