Muse: Nothing says Spring like the Masters golf weekend

Ahh, the Masters golf weekend. Live from Augusta, Georgia. A blooming feast for your eyes and a sure sign that Spring has finally arrived. Great golf and great weather. Definitely one of my favourite mashups.

Music to suit: John Pizzarelli, I Feel Fine/Sidewinder mashup
(Source: YouTube, Cygnus90)


Muse: Only Hockey Spoils a Perfect Olympic PVR Performance

Putting my PVR through its own Olympic performance trials this week. Perfect for recording all the Olympic midday events for later viewing – except Team Canada hockey. No way to get home from work in Canada without seeing or hearing a final hockey score spoiler somewhere along the way. That mission’s impossible.

Music to suit: The James Taylor Quartet, Mission Impossible
(Source: YouTube, Charliespliff)

Muse: Toronto Maple Leafs Celebrate Father’s Day Early

Got to give the Toronto Maple Leafs major style points for bringing the players’ fathers with them on their Florida road trip this week. Hard to tell who was happier when the Leafs scored – father or son. Original 6 charm. Very classy.

Music to suit: Horace Silver, Song for my Father
(YouTube, jazzhole13)

Muse: Tough Love for Canadian Snowboarders

Got to love the Canadian snowboarders. Despite Mark McMorris fracturing his rib and Maelle Ricker fracturing her forearm, they both still plan to compete at the Olympics. Now that’s some true north grit!

Music to suit: Rheostatics Northern Wish
(Source: YouTube, pjzs)

Muse: Playing Hockey at Maple Leaf Gardens

Newly Renovated Maple Leaf Gardens

Love playing hockey in Toronto’s True North house league. Last week, they sent us to Maple Leaf Gardens to play and this week, to the Ricoh Coliseum, where the Toronto Marlies play. Almost makes you feel like a pro … less the crushing post-game analysis to remind you otherwise.

Music to suit: Joe Satriani, Crowd Chant
(Source: YouTube, doomreaver19)

Muse: Hockey’s Tough on Older Teams

Sad to see a couple more guys from my hockey team hang up the skates for good this year. Seems like we lose a player or two every season these days – actually had to merge two teams together just to play this Fall. While retirement from work may be regarded as the start of an exciting new chapter, retirement from hockey is one chapter I’m not in any rush to finish. Live large while you can, I figure.

Music to suit: April Wine, I Like To Rock
(Source: YouTube, GordonYYZ)

Muse: Beamish Cup Annual Golf Outing

The Beamish Cup

Playing golf with my high school buds this weekend at our annual Beamish Cup golf outing. Best collection of shots on a single hole wins a pint of Guinness from the cup, plus cup display and bragging rights for the following year. Old school entertainment for old school friends.

Music to suit: Sugarman 3 & Co, Down to It
(Source: YouTube, SleazyEmotions)

Muse: A Glimpse into the Future Greatness of Gretzky

All the talk today about the 25th anniversary of the Gretzky trade to L.A. reminds me of the first time I saw him play hockey in the early 70’s. He was just a kid then, playing in the finals of the Burlington Golden Horseshoe Tournament. He scored 8 or 9 goals, had a handful of assists and completely dominated the game until another kid took him out with a hip check. They said he’d be the next Bobby Orr and they were right! Nice to see that occasionally, the truth does live up to all the hype.

Music to suit: Jeff Beck, Stratus (Crossroads Festival, 2007)
(Source: YouTube, Jeff Beck Eric Clapton)

Muse: Naturally, Golf is Addictive

Squeezed in my first round of golf this week, with predictable results: some poor shots, some great shots and every other shot in between. Golf is such a well designed, optimistic game. Give anybody 100 swings from a variety of distances and they’re bound to hit just enough great shots to convince themselves they can eliminate all their poor shots the next time out. As far as addictions go, golf is a natural, breath of fresh air.

Music to suit: The Black Eyed Peas, Let’s Get it Started
(Source: YouTube, meberuby)

Muse: NHL Original 6 Team Jerseys Still Look Fresh After All These Years

Great to see all the Original 6 NHL teams in the playoffs this year – still some of the best dressed teams in sports today. There’s definitely something to be said for old school simplicity in logo design and colour selection, like you see in the 2-colour Maple Leafs and Red Wings logos, or the more colourful Canadiens and Black Hawks designs. In a time when many sports teams change their jerseys too much, too often, it’s nice to see the originals still believe their current jersey should at least resemble their heritage jerseys.

Music to suit: Steely Dan, East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
(Source: YouTube, ExtendedancEPlay)

Muse: Leafs vs. Habs NHL Playoff Series? Once in a Blue Moon

3 things I won’t take for granted next week when the NHL Playoffs start:

  1. That the Maple Leafs are in the Playoffs – the first time in about 10 years
  2. That Toronto and Montreal will likely meet in the opening round – the first time in about 30 years
  3. That my wife, Celine, probably won’t talk to me the rest of the Playoffs if my Leafs eliminate her precious Habs … that said, goal celebration escalation throughout the series does seem inevitable. Go Leafs Go!

Music to suit: Gary Glitter Rock and Roll Part 2
(Source: YouTube, Standup42003)

Muse: Masters Golf Deserves Major Couch Time

Looking forward to watching the drama unfold at the Masters this weekend and to seeing the Augusta National golf course in full bloom … a celebration of spring and great shot making on a grand stage and one of those weekends where my Personal Video Recorder gets a lot more exercise than I do.

Music to suit: Count Basie April in Paris
(Source: YouTube, JazzBreakTV)