Muse: Good Grief, our new Toyota Rav 4 is finally here

Looking forward to picking up our new Toyota Rav 4 tomorrow. It’s been 2 long months since the old one was stolen off our driveway while we slept and it’s been pretty bumpy getting it replaced. Insurance and car companies are so siloed these days that the right hand clearly doesn’t know what the left hand is doing … for that matter, sometimes the right hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Whether it was the StateFarm Claim department or the StateFarm Agents, Toyota Credit Canada or the Toyota Dealership, you’d never know these guys play on the same teams.

Ironically, the only people who gave us the straight goods and quietly went about their business were the police. They told us our vehicle had been targeted and that it would be packed onto a container ship headed overseas. And that’s exactly where they found it – on a container ship, half-way across Canada in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I just wish they’d found it 1 week earlier, before we’d settled with all those other guys. Certainly didn’t feel like those guys had our best interests at heart. Oh well, after tomorrow, I guess all that grief will finally be in the rear view mirror.

Music to suit: Family of the Year, ‘Hero’
(Source: YouTube, JimmyKimmelLive)