Muse: Black Creek Pioneer Village Wedding Revisited

Black Creek Pioneer Village, Mennonite Meeting House, Wedding Space

Lunch with my wife at Black Creek Pioneer Village today … $50
First time back, since we got married there 17 years ago … $7500
Still chewing the fat together after all these years … Priceless

Wedding Music: The Beatles, When I’m Sixty Four
Source: YouTube, AuthorizedRock


Muse: Gun Control. Another Giant Leap Sideways.

Sad to hear the U.S. government couldn’t make any meaningful progress on gun control this week. Just like everything else these days, from the debt to the environment, from America to Europe. John Donne once said, “no man is an island”, but today, it seems everybody is.

Music to suit: The Beatles I’m Only Sleeping
(Source: YouTube, R Sheldon)

Muse: Thank God, I’ve got shingles!

Never thought I’d be happy to get shingles, but when the rain started dripping through a tiny drapery-track hole in my ceiling, that was exactly what the Roof Doctor ordered. Home Ownership: curse this blessing.

Music to suit: The Beatles, ‘Fixing a Hole’
(Source: YouTube, mac3079b)