Muse: Playing Hockey at Maple Leaf Gardens

Newly Renovated Maple Leaf Gardens

Love playing hockey in Toronto’s True North house league. Last week, they sent us to Maple Leaf Gardens to play and this week, to the Ricoh Coliseum, where the Toronto Marlies play. Almost makes you feel like a pro … less the crushing post-game analysis to remind you otherwise.

Music to suit: Joe Satriani, Crowd Chant
(Source: YouTube, doomreaver19)


Muse: Toronto Ranked 4th Best City to Live in

Congrats Toronto! Ranked 4th best city in the world to live in. Have to remember that the next time I feel inclined to complain about the city garbage collectors going on strike … or getting stuck downtown in a blackout … or having to go for an MRI at 2 a.m. in the morning … probably shouldn’t whine about the small stuff when the big picture looks this good.

Music to suit: Average White Band, Cut the Cake
(Source: YouTube, Sun. Hutchney)

Muse: Toronto Jazz Festival Highlights Big City Benefits

It’s easy to take a big city like Toronto for granted … until you wander off and experience all the diversity it has to offer … like 2 great bands playing Brazilian music last Saturday at the Toronto Jazz Festival in the Distillery District – one playing all the classics and the other (below) creating their own distinctive sound. Toronto rocks!

Music to suit: Aline Morales, Rosa
(Source: YouTube, MrDaveskos)