Muse: Vatican City Conclave, Vegas Style

What happens in conclave, stays in conclave … for oh, about 600 years. Ironically, you could say the same thing about Vegas. Wonder how long before someone in Vegas launches a Vatican City casino, that releases different coloured smoke when someone wins big … probably not 600 years.

Music to suit: Sheryl Crow, ‘All I Wanna Do’
(Source: YouTube, ELGROOVER)

Muse: Global Warming, Australia style

Feeling sorry for the folks in Australia: you know Global Warming is going to be a problem when … the Australian Weather Bureau has to add 2 new colours to their thermal maps to represent daily temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius. First, epic floods. Now, epic fires. Throw in a plague of locusts and that Global Warning is downright biblical.

Music to suit: AC/DC ‘Highway to Hell’
(Source: YouTube, facundo Prado)