Muse: 2013 Wish List

Government accountability for proper debt management, protecting the environment and making it harder for people to shoot each other … sounds a lot like 2009, 10, 11 and 12 Wish Lists. Here’s to a better 2013 and a positive end to the current unhealthy 5-year trend.

Music to suit: Elvis Costello, ‘(What’s so funny ’bout) Peace, Love and Understanding’
Source: YouTube, iConcertsTelevision

Muse: White Christmas in Montreal

Looking forward to Christmas in Montreal. Cold and snowy, since 1642. Perfect.

Music to suit: Beau Dommage, ’23 Decembre’
Source: YouTube, grandmerelou

Muse: Mayan Calendar Apocalypse

Dec 21 2012: end of the Mayan Calendar Great Cycle … but the end of days?

Makes you wonder. What practical value is there creating a calendar with a special long cycle that takes 5,000 years to go through once? All this really gives you is 4,950 years to dream up doomsday prophecies for the end of the cycle … predictable.

Music to suit: Tuatara, ‘Dark State of Mind’
(Source: YouTube, gabriel72r)

Muse: Digital Marketing Course Grade

Finished my U of T Digital Marketing course this week. What a great course. Makes me wonder though … do they actually grade my final exam paper … or just scan it for keywords and use a complicated algorithm to predict my likely score … the future is definitely funky!

Music to suit: Grover Washington Jr, ‘Masterpiece’
(Source: YouTube, sargentstedanko668)