Muse: Ban on Lethal Autonomous Robots? Sounds like a no-brainer

This week, the U.N. Human Rights Council debated a ban on the development of Lethal Autonomous Robots – machines that kill autonomously, without any direct human involvement. Unfortunately, as every Science Fiction fan knows, this story doesn’t typically end well. But good to hear we’re actually talking about unpleasant timelines before we run headlong into them. Nice change.

Music to suit: Radiohead, Paranoid Android
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Muse: Roughing it out back … in my garden

Garden Pond, Waterfall, Patio, Pergola

Never feels quite like Summer until after the May 24th Long Weekend, when the garden is planted and the pond is up and running. Nothing like reconnecting with nature and getting lost in the sights and sounds of falling water. Not a substitute for a cottage, but certainly a lot easier to get to on Friday nights.

Music to suit: Stan Getz, Corcovado
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Muse: Green Party win takes back seat to Google time-lapse satellite images

Sign of the times: the Green Party, who won their first federal election seat in 2011, won their first provincial election seat this week in B.C. – in both cases, for ridings on Vancouver island. Always wondered how badly we’d need to mismanage the environment to get the Green Party elected. And now we know: about 30 years of mismanagement … as far as folks living on their own islands are concerned, anyways. Perhaps, Google’s new 30-year, time-lapse satellite images will help get the rest of us mainlanders behind the environmental cause before it’s too late. Can’t imagine where we’ll be in the next 30 years if we don’t.

Music to suit: The Steve Miller Band, Fly like an Eagle
Source: YouTube, Earthstudy

Muse: Naturally, Golf is Addictive

Squeezed in my first round of golf this week, with predictable results: some poor shots, some great shots and every other shot in between. Golf is such a well designed, optimistic game. Give anybody 100 swings from a variety of distances and they’re bound to hit just enough great shots to convince themselves they can eliminate all their poor shots the next time out. As far as addictions go, golf is a natural, breath of fresh air.

Music to suit: The Black Eyed Peas, Let’s Get it Started
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Muse: NHL Original 6 Team Jerseys Still Look Fresh After All These Years

Great to see all the Original 6 NHL teams in the playoffs this year – still some of the best dressed teams in sports today. There’s definitely something to be said for old school simplicity in logo design and colour selection, like you see in the 2-colour Maple Leafs and Red Wings logos, or the more colourful Canadiens and Black Hawks designs. In a time when many sports teams change their jerseys too much, too often, it’s nice to see the originals still believe their current jersey should at least resemble their heritage jerseys.

Music to suit: Steely Dan, East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
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