Muse: Free Lunch for a Free Bird

Parrot at Bird Feeder

Always nice to see a new face at the feeder. Wonder if this parrot knows which way to go when the long, cold Canadian winter arrives? For that matter, I wonder if he’d choose to live one brief summer as a free bird over an entire lifetime as a caged bird? … mercifully, ignorance is bliss …

Music to suit: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free Bird
(Source: YouTube, SecondHelping74)


Muse: Can’t See the Bee Fly for the Bees

Bee Fly on Coreopsis 'Jethro Tull'

Saw this odd-looking character in my garden last year and again this past week: looks soft and fuzzy like a brown bear, flies like a hummingbird and feeds like a mosquito. Apparently, he’s a Bee Fly and he likes my Coreopsis. Bet he’s been there the whole time; I just never noticed him before. It’s a small world – until you open your eyes.

Music to suit: Deodato, September 13
(Source: YouTube, tuberider1976)

Muse: Bee Balm. Hummingbird Tested and Approved.

Bee Balm (Monarda Didyma 'Jacob Cline')

I love having Bee Balm in the garden when it blooms in early July. Not because it’s the most attractive plant in the garden – actually it’s kind of tall and awkward looking. But no other perennial attracts Hummingbirds to my city garden quite as reliably. Red Bee Balm is like a backyard gateway drug for Hummingbirds. Add a Hummingbird feeder and a Butterfly Bush on the side and you’re set for Hummingbird acrobatics the rest of the summer. Sweet.

Photograph: Bee Balm (Monarda Didyma ‘Jacob Cline’)
Music to suit: EST, Tuesday Wonderland
(Source: YouTube: MasterKefkaZX)

Muse: Toronto Jazz Festival Highlights Big City Benefits

It’s easy to take a big city like Toronto for granted … until you wander off and experience all the diversity it has to offer … like 2 great bands playing Brazilian music last Saturday at the Toronto Jazz Festival in the Distillery District – one playing all the classics and the other (below) creating their own distinctive sound. Toronto rocks!

Music to suit: Aline Morales, Rosa
(Source: YouTube, MrDaveskos)